USSEC Americas Participates in First Swine, Poultry and Feed Congress

USSEC participated in the First Swine, Poultry and Feed Congress in Costa Rica.
The event was organized by three associations focused on the animal production business: the Costa Rican Swine Producers Association, the Costa Rican Poultry (meat and eggs) Producers Association, and the Costa Rican Feed Manufacturers Association. The motto of the event was “Sharing the Vision,” to reflect the shared concerns and issues affecting all of the associations.
The congress was organized over the course of two days bringing together over 400 participants. The talks took place in two different rooms and attendees chose the talks they wanted to attend, based on their interests. Some of the topics covered included new concepts in animal health, production, and feeding. USSEC consultants Julio Chaves and Dr. Carlos Campabadal, Sr., and Dr. Laura Batista represented USSEC. Dr. Batista delivered a presentation on biosecurity in pig farms and Dr. Campabadal, Jr. spoke about grain safety and conservation. Based on the feedback from participants and the associations present, the congress was a success.