International Buyers Enjoy Luncheon Featuring High Oleic Soybean Oil

More than 250 international buyers were fed a meal featuring U.S. high oleic soybean oil on August 20. The buyers were participating in a field day prior to the U.S. Soy Global Trade Exchange & Specialty Grain Conference in Chicago.
Six buses carrying trade teams from Taiwan, Korea, North & South EU, the Black Sea Region, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Japan, Middle East North Africa (MENA), the Americas, and the Asia Subcontinent participated in industry and farm tours, visiting container loading facilities, a lock and dam, rail yard, river loading facilities, and more. All of the teams stopped at the farm of Illinois soy grower Jeff O’Connor in Kankakee, Illinois to enjoy a lunch consisting of fried green tomatoes, fried chicken, and deep fried Oreo cookies, along with salads and high oleic soybean oil potato chips.

Trade teams visited Illinois soy farmer Jeff O'Connor's farm in Kankakee, enjoying a delicious lunch featuring high oleic soybean oil

Many of the buyers got to witness the high oleic soybean oil frying demonstration in action, which was USSEC’s largest high oleic demo to date, according to Will McNair, USSEC Director – Human Protein & Oil. Buyers were able to experience the functionality and neutral taste of high oleic soybean oil and were also able to discuss the oil’s frying quality with Chef Charlie Baggs Culinary Innovations, the company who prepared the meal.