U.S. Soy Grower Leader Participates in 2019 Korea Soybean Oil Masters Program

The 2019 Korea Soybean Masters Program took place from April 1 to June 27 in Seoul, Korea with the objective to educate Korean end users and associated influencer groups such as food companies; bottled oil manufacturers; and the hotel, restaurant, and institutional (HRI) sector about the advantages of U.S. soybean oil, including its nutritional aspects; practical applications such as oxidation and fry life; how and where U.S. soybean oil is produced; and the sustainability of U.S. soybean production.
USSEC organized a Soy Oil Masters Team consisting of 14 Korean Soy Oil Masters who were certified last year. David Howell, former Indiana Soybean Alliance director, invited the Korea Soybean Oil Masters Team to his farm in Middletown, Indiana in early June.
From June 1 to 7, the team had visits and meetings with Bunge, Clarkson Grain Company, Bayer, Indiana Soybean Alliance, Illinois Soybean Association, and the Missouri Soybean Association to observe the production and application of U.S. conventional and high oleic soybean oil. Mr. Howell also traveled to Seoul to participate in the Soy Oil Masters Program 2019 Award Ceremony & Reception in Korea on June 27, 2019.
The Soybean Oil Masters Program helped increase the understanding of the target groups about advantages of U.S. soybean oil and increase of U.S. market share in imported soybean oil markets. In Korea, the current U.S. market share from January to April 2019 is 89 percent, compared to 81 percent last year.
Please click here to watch a video recapping the Seoul reception.