Turkish Poultry, Fish Feed, and Full Fat Soy Producers Receive Extrusion Technical Support from USSEC

USSEC recently provided on-on-one extrusion technical support for poultry, fish feed, and full fat soy (FFS) producers in Turkey.
USSEC consultant Dr. Mian Riaz from Texas A&M University traveled to Turkey to visit and support the largest soybean crusher (also a FFS producer); a FFS producer; two poultry feed producers (producing FFS); and two fish feed companies together with Sirri Kayhan USSEC representative – Turkey.
During the company visits, Dr. Riaz discussed the problems with processing high oil and low oil content soybean, high moisture and low moisture content soybeans, process, quality parameters for different quality beans and improvement of fish feed production. He highlighted the need for high quality beans to produce quality FFS and stressed that not all soybeans are the same in quality. U.S. beans are preferred for their homogeneity, cleanliness, and are relatively easier to process. FFS obtained from U.S. beans is of clearer color and supplies consistent quality nutrients when adequately processed. Dr. Riaz also gave information to the fish feed companies about how to control the density in the fish feed production – how to make floating, sinking, and slowly sinking feeds and the importance of grinding for producing good quality fish feed with extruders and related topics.
Dr. Riaz also emphasized the high value and quality of U.S. soybeans, the importance of quality control, and the use of adequate nutrient profile in feed formulation for different species. Supporting the industry for the growth of fish feed and FFS production facilities will support the consumption of soybeans in Turkey.