Turkish Feed Producers, Dairy Farmers Attend USSEC’s Dairy Nutrition Seminar

The dairy nutrition seminar is part of a continuous activity sponsored by USSEC under the International marketing program. The event was organized and completed successfully in the Turkish cities of Izmir and Konya cities between March 4 and 8. 60 people from Turkey’s feed and dairy industries, representing feed millers, dairy farmers, dairy integrations and consultants who are key decision-makers for ingredients used in feed production, attended each seminar. The USSEC team followed up by visiting large dairy farms to understand the management of the dairy farms, farmers’ feeding programs, and soy usage in dairy diets.
The meeting focused on teaching the feed producers and dairy farmers the advantages of using U.S. soy products and increasing U.S. Soy’s share in Turkey. Nutritionists drive the use of U.S. soybeans by feed companies and farms. Dr. Sergio Calsamiglia from the University of Barcelona and Dr. Jan Van Eys from GANS attended the seminar as speakers to discuss dairy nutrition. Gokmen Arpag from YemSis Company worked on interactive formulation exercises together with participants to highlight the advantages of using U.S. soy products in dairy diets.
Through this event and subsequent farm visits, USSEC formed a direct relationship with feed and dairy producers, which helps to understand their needs, inform the industry about the latest developments, develop future activities, and personally interact with the participants, delivering USSEC’s message to the industry firsthand.
Country representative Sırrı Kayhan represented USSEC, ensuring that attendees received the message about soybean products. He also gave a presentation during the seminar about U.S. soy consumption, competitiveness, and the sustainability of U.S. soybean production.