Turkish Feed and Crushing Industry Representatives Attend U.S. Soy Global Trade Exchange and Specialty Grains Conference & Trade Show

Three Turkish participants gathered with participants from other parts of the world from August 20 to 22 in Chicago.
During the opening networking reception on August 20, new friendships were made and old relationships were renewed.
The annual Trade Team Invitational (TTI) meeting was also very effective this year, helping the participants to build relationships between buyers and sellers. During the TTI, SGS company signed up to make a presentation to the participants coming from Turkey to speak about the issue of GMOs and present possible solutions for them to work together to import U.S. soybeans. SGS is offering to inspect the soybeans before they are shipped and guarantee the unapproved events in the vessel so they can protect the refusal of the shipment in the port. During the presentation, there were many questions about how the system is going to work. One question was “what if there is a residue and the vessel is refused because of this?” The suggestion is to work closely with the traders in this matter and insure the vessel. If the residue is still found, then the vessel will be sent to another country where there is no problem with the unapproved events. This was one of the most interesting discussions and participants told SGS that they will work with them if they can organize this with all parties’ participation. This will be a good way to restart U.S. soybean exports to Turkey.
Around 800 soy and grain industry leaders, buyers, and suppliers from more than 50 countries attended this year’s event. The conference provided opportunities for all participants to connect and attend sessions covering market dynamics, African Swine Fever, and other industry related subjects.
The event was very well organized and successful, providing many good opportunities to U.S. soy customers and traders from all over the world. This event will keep supporting U.S. soy exports to other countries as it has in previous years.