Turkish Aquaculture Industry Well-Represented at USSEC’s Third Regional Aquaculture Production Conference in Jordan

Around 80 people from Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Saudi Arabia participated in USSEC’s third regional aquaculture production conference in Amman, Jordan on July 30 and 31.
The Turkish aqua industry was represented with delegates from the country’s three largest fish feed companies and fish producers. Huseyin Nureddinoglu, marketing director of Kilic Aquaculture, gave a presentation about the latest developments in aquaculture in Turkey and the importance of sustainable fish production.
The Middle East and North Africa region and Turkey produce around 2 million tons of fish each year. This number is rapidly increasing and governments of the aforementioned countries are supporting their aqua industries for this growth. The main fish producer in the region is Egypt with 1.5 million tons, followed by Turkey with 250,000 tons. There is about a five percent growth in the region’s fish sector.
Continued effort and support to the industry will support the increase the demand for U.S. Soy, especially when soy protein concentrate (SPC) is readily available.