Turkey’s Largest Soy Crushers, Importers Receive Technical Support from USSEC

USSEC recently provided technical support for the three largest U.S. Soy crushers and importers in Turkey.
USSEC consultant Richard Barton of N Hunt Moore & Associates and USSEC country reprentative Sirri Kayhan visited Abalioglu, Bunge/Turkey, and Aves.

  • Abalioglu Company has two crushing plants in Izmir (West Turkey) with a total of 1500 tons per day of soy crushing capacity. They are in the process of building the third multi-crushing plant in Mersin (South Turkey) with 1500 tons/day capacity.
  • Bunge/Turkey’s crushing plant, located in Izmir Aliaga area, has a crushing capacity of 1000 tons/day for multi crushing.
  • The Aves Company is located in Mersin and has 1500 tons per day multi crushing capacity.

Together, the three companies import around 1,000,000 tons of soybeans from different countries. They are the leaders of the industry and are big consumers of U.S. soybeans in Turkey.
During the customer visits, the importance of using high quality soybeans as a raw material for the production of high quality oil, meal, and lecithin was emphasized. It was clearly demonstrated that U.S. Soy has reliable, sustainable quality characteristics that contribute to lower oil losses, lower hexane loss, and a higher quality of finished oil.
The education of local customers on the modern practice of the processing of soybeans and soybean oil is important for further development of the soy market in Turkey. Providing technical support to local customers will help these customers to understand the importance of U.S. soybeans as a reliable and sustainable raw material and for building demand for U.S. Soy.