Turkey’s Feed and Dairy Industries Connect with U.S. Soy During Dairy Nutrition Seminar

USSEC organized a dairy nutrition seminar on March 22 and 23 in Izmir, Turkey. 50 millers, dairy farmers, dairy integrators and consultants took part in the conference for feed and dairy industries. Seminar participants were key decision-makers in terms of choice of ingredients used in the feed production.
The objective of the meeting was to teach the feed producers and dairy farmers about the advantages of using U.S. Soy products and increasing U.S. Soy share in Turkey. Nutritionists drive the use of U.S. Soy in the feed companies.
Organizing such events helps USSEC form a direct relationship with feed and dairy producers, understand their needs, inform the industry about the latest developments, help develop future activities, personally interact with the participants, and deliver USSEC’s message to the industry firsthand.
Country Representative – Turkey Sırrı Kayhan represented USSEC, ensuring that attendees received the message for soybean products. He also discussed the consumption, competitiveness, and sustainability of U.S. soybean production with the producers.