Tackling Technical Challenges for U.S. Soy Customers

The process of crushing soybeans and effectively using the meal and oil is complicated. Technical support from USSEC, provided in part with soy checkoff funding, helps current and potential customers identify specific issues and implement solutions that improve their operations, while highlighting the value of U.S. Soy.

“Through our technical services, we build relationships and trust with our customers around the world,” says Tom D’Alfonso, USSEC director of animal and aquaculture. “At the same time, these efforts create a stronger preference for U.S. Soy.”

As examples, he points to recent efforts providing customized technical insight and support at crushing plants, feed and pellet manufacturers and poultry producers on opposite sides of the globe.

In Bangladesh, USSEC arranged for a crushing product specialist to tour four crushing plants in June 2023. The tour positioned USSEC as a source for deep discussions of technical details and for developing solutions.

During discussions at each plant, the specialist provided immediate recommendations for issues like hexane loss and extractor issues. The introductions and tours also opened the door for longer-term discussions about further improvements, like final product composition.

In the Dominican Republic, 17 key U.S. Soy customers received invaluable technical assistance in an array of critical areas. USSEC’s team of consultants provided customized knowledge and support in feed and pellet manufacturing, as well as poultry nutrition and production. This expertise enabled companies to enhance their operations.

“In both Bangladesh and the Dominican Republic, the USSEC team assessed operations and current practices to identify areas for improvement,” D’Alfonso explains. “Tailored advice and guidance highlighted specific measures that could improve efficiency and productivity, all with a focus on the advantages U.S. Soy offers.”

This guidance is driving positive change for companies receiving technical support, allowing them to improve overall performance to stay competitive and meet market demand. USSEC technical support helps position U.S. Soy customers at the forefront of their respective industries.

“These are just a couple of recent examples of the countless ways USSEC teams build relationships and share their expertise with customers in all our global regions,” D’Alfonso says. “One-on-one meetings and regular interactions reveal how customers can benefit from the quality, versatility, reliability and sustainability of U.S. Soy.”

USSEC’s technical expert presents potential technical solutions at a feed manufacturing plant in the Dominican Republic.
: USSEC and plant team members at a crushing plant visited during the technical support tour in Bangladesh.