Southeast Asia Technical Broadcast Series Available on Demand

In November, the U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) hosted a series of fourteen virtual webinars in the Southeast Asia (SEA) region. Over 530 food industry and livestock industry stakeholders registered for the series, which focused on the use of soy in animal, aquaculture and human nutrition. These sessions are now available for viewing on demand.

More than twenty industry and technical experts from across the globe presented on a variety of topics, including soy for human consumption. Participants explored the health and nutritional benefits of soy, reviewing the regulatory landscape surrounding soy foods. New technologies relevant to soy foods and beverage processing in SEA were also presented.

Those interested in soy for animal feed discussed animal feed practices and formulations. Speakers worked to break them down for the audience to show the optimum nutrient values of soy and its contribution to animal performance. Soy was positioned as an overall nutritional bundle aimed at increasing production efficiency and profitability in both poultry and pig feed formulations. 

The final topic of the series was soy in aquaculture, where participants engaged in sessions promoting the use of soy in formulated feeds for aquaculture production. Presenters explained the advantage of sustainable U.S. Soy-based aquafeeds while addressing the latest issues and concerns in the aquaculture industry.

This series aimed at providing SEA industry professionals with the latest developments in U.S. Soy while addressing concerns brought on by COVID-19. Each webinar is available for viewing online.