New Shrimp Species is Developed for Potential Farming in Indonesia

Due to its high demand in the global market, shrimp remains a key species to develop in Indonesia. The country continues to be a major shrimp producer in the Asian region. However, poor quality postlarvae (PLs) and biosecurity measures have caused vannamei production to grow slowly in the country.
Recently, the Indonesian government has continued to develop Penaeus merguiensis as a new species to cultivate for farming. Trials showed that the species could be the best alternative to vannamei.
USSEC has worked with Indonesia’s Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) development centers and processing plants to develop this species. It is expected that the development of Penaeus merguiensis would improve quality feed production, particularly in targeted feedmills using U.S. Soy products.

Banana prawn at 30 days of age
The color of a banana prawn after being boiled in water for 10 minutes