Russian Feed Specialists Learn More about U.S. Soy Advantage at International Poultry Congress, International Industrial Trade Fair in Moscow

USSEC took part in the International Poultry Congress held during one of Russia’s largest industrial exhibitions, the XXVth International Industrial Trade Fair,"MVC: Cereals- Mixed Feeds- Veterinary -2020,” held at the All-Russia Exhibition Center of Peoples’ Achievements in Moscow at the end of January.
The exhibition, organized annually in Moscow since 1996, brings together the leading specialists of the agro-industrial complex of Russia and many other countries. Since 2011, the exhibition has been supported by the European Feed Manufacturers’ Federation (FEFAC), and by the International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF) since 2018. This year, within a few days of the event, 456 companies from 24 countries and 39 regions of the Russian Federation demonstrated the latest achievements in animal feeding and nutrition; grains and oilseeds processing; production of mixed feeds, feed additives, and veterinary preparations for agricultural and domestic animals; and the development of innovative industrial and analytical equipment. The exhibition was accompanied by a diversified business program including international conferences, seminars, and workshops devoted to different aspects of feed supplies and production; nutritional parameters of different feed additives and modern feeding programs; feed market status and development; and veterinary issues, along with other topics.
The International Poultry Congress, "Fundamental and Applied Research on Poultry Nutrition: Status and New Approaches," was one of the key events of the Trade Fair’s business program. The Congress had the highest level of interest and attendance among visitors. USSEC Consultant – Animal Utilization (AU) Dr. Jan van Eys gave a presentation, “Recent Advances in Poultry Nutrition,” attended by more than 200 people. Questions and discussions with local customers followed the presentation. Dr. van Eys answered a number of questions regarding the nutritional benefits of soy proteins for poultry diets. Other speakers’ presentations touched upon the most pressing issues and problems in improving the efficiency of feed use in poultry farming, new trends and advances in poultry nutrition, and the safety of feeds and poultry products.
Besides attending the Poultry Congress, USSEC consultants met with managers and leading specialists of the Russian feed industry and international companies (National Feed Union, Russian Compound Feed Manufacturers Union, Agrofeed, Agravis, Cargill, Alltech, Adisseo, and Evonik, among others), soy traders/crushers (Sodrugestvo, Soytex, Partner-M, and Kubanagroprod), equipment manufacturers (Insta-Pro and Wenger) and genetic companies. During the one-on-one meetings, many local customers remarked that the temporary suspension of U.S. soybean imports and delays in GMO events registration in Russia is unproductive for their companies’ business. USSEC’s participation in the Poultry Congress and Trade Fair provided opportunities to further explain the advantages of U.S. Soy to local customers, which should contribute to increased interest in U.S. soy purchases after the current trade barriers are lifted.

The exhibition was well-attended by many customers from Russia and neighboring countries
USSEC AU consultant Dr. Jan van Eys gives the keynote presentation on recent advances in poultry nutrition at the International Poultry Congress in Moscow
More than 200 agro-industrial specialists attended the International Poultry Congress in Moscow
(L to R): USSEC consultants Dr. van Eys (France) and Dr. Maria Domoroshchenkova (Russia) with Sergey Mikhnyuk, Executive Director of the National Feed Union, Russia
Academician Vladimir Fisinin (right), President of the Russian and Eurasian Poultry Unions, presents a copy of his book to Dr. van Eys
Dr. van Eys with Sergey Sokolovsky, Director of Trade House of Sodrugestvo (left) at Sodrugestvo Group’s booth. Sodrugvestvo is the largest soybean crushing company in Russia and Europe and one of the top 20 soybean processors in the world
Discussions of feeding benefits and nutritional characteristics of value-added soy products was one of Dr. van Eys’ main topics of discussion with specialists from Partner-M company, the Russian producer of soy protein concentrate and soy molasses via a proprietary technology of aqueous extraction
Dr. van Eys with Tatyana Matveeva, Editor-in-Chief of Compound Feeds magazine (left) and Tatyana Stepina, Executive Director of the Russian Compound Feed Manufacturers Union (right)
All-Russia Exhibition Center of Peoples’ Achievements in Moscow looks fantastic with Russian winter decorations