Romanian Poultry Customers Learn More About U.S. Soy at Romanian Poultry Association’s Jubilee Conference

In an effort to strengthen relationships with Romanian customers and follow up on the recent imports of U.S. soybeans to the country, USSEC consultants Dr. Craig Coon, Poultry Nutrition Professor at the University of Arkansas, and Dr. Gary Butcher, Poultry Disease Control Professor at the University of Florida, were invited to attend the jubilee conference organized on November 27 at the Agricultural Science Academia in Bucharest, Romania as keynote speakers.

This December, Romania will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its union with all of its historical provinces. It was an eventful century, marked by progresses and developments of the country, including agricultural sectors. Romanian veterinarians are also celebrating the 80th anniversary of the establishment of the first veterinarian school in the country. 

Over 80 participants from key Romanian poultry companies and the National Vet Authority attended the event, and heard Dr. Coon and Dr. Butcher’s presentations related to U.S. Soy quality in relation to optimum poultry nutrition, achievement of economically feasible performances, and how to approach the disease challenges the international and local poultry industries are currently facing.

The activity allowed USSEC to position U.S. Soy as the main protein ingredient and help to maximize its value and inclusion rates in poultry feeds.

Romania will continue importing U.S. soybeans in the next months, and USSEC will continue to provide technical assistance to customers from Southeast European countries’ growing poultry industries.

USSEC Consultants met with the leaders of the Romanian Poultry Producers Association and Poultry Veterinarians Association (L to R): Dr. Ilie Van, president of the Romanian Poultry Producers Association; Dr. Gary Butcher, University of Florida; Dr. Craig Coon, University of Arkansas; Dr. Valer Teusdea, president of the Romanian Poultry Vets Association; and Dr. Iani Chihaia, president of the Romanian Feed Association
Dr. Gary Butcher and Dr. Craig Coon gave technical presentations at the Agricultural Science Academia in Bucharest, Romania
Questions and answer session and one on one interactions focused on the current challenges of the global and Romanian poultry industries