Polish Poultry Team Gathers Knowledge at IPPE 2019, University Of Arkansas

USSEC recently invited a group of influential Polish commercial poultry feed and production specialists to come to the United States for a week to expand their knowledge of U.S. poultry production.
Their visit consisted of three parts. The first part was to attend the pre-IPPE scientific forum held at the Georgia World Convention Centre in Atlanta. The event hosted top U.S. and international poultry specialists, mostly from research institutions, but also including some specialists from commercial companies. Reports on research carried out at the various universities were offered either in the form of presentations or poster sessions. Both were very comprehensive and very useful for the Polish visitors who took this opportunity to update themselves with the most current scientific achievements in the industry.
The team spent the next two days touring the International Production & Processing Expo 2019 (IPPE), where they learned about the most efficient poultry genetics, farming equipment and technologies, the progress in poultry meat and egg processing, and many other aspects of the poultry business around the globe. Visiting with numerous exhibitors allowed them to renew some of their old contacts and also make new ones, especially with American businesspeople.
The USSEC luncheon held at the show allowed them to meet grower leaders and U.S. soy family staff as well as poultry specialists from many other countries. Everyone highly appreciated analyst John Baize’s introduction to the present situation and outlook to the international soybean markets that helped them to better understand what’s going on in their soy supply area.
The Polish poultry team next flew to Fayetteville, Arkansas, taking advantage of the hospitality of the Arkansas Farm Bureau and the University of Arkansas, which hosted the team for three days. Dr. Dustan Clark, Head of Poultry Extension, and his employee Dr. Sara Orlowski devoted time to the visitors, offering them a tour of the Center of Excellence for Poultry Science, which included the Centre’s building, the experimental farm, UA Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory.
While at the poultry science center, the Polish specialists had a privilege to meet with a number of their senior researchers, namely Dr. S. Rochell (poultry nutrition), Dr. B. Hargis (vet microbiology and biom), Dr. G. Erf (immunology), Dr. S. Dridi (molecular genetics), Dr. W. Bottje (poultry physiology), to learn about the research the various teams at the center were doing and their implications for the future of poultry industry in the world.
The weeklong tour of the U.S. poultry industry and science was both successful and enjoyable. USSEC was happy to make this outstanding learning project for the leading customers of the U.S. Soy industry in Poland and northeastern Europe.

The Polish poultry team of seven spent 3 days in Georgia World Convention Centre attending the show as well as the pre-show scientific forum.
Numerous scientific reports on the form of public reports and poster session were attended by the customers.
The team split into smaller groups to attend the various scientific presentation (L to R): Domanska-Skurska, EKOPLON, Dr. Andrzej Gebler, GOLPASZ, and Jerzy W. Kosieradzki, USSEC, Northeast Europe.
The wonderful displays of U.S. poultry meat products at the various stands and explanations of cutting edge processing technologies made an impression on the Polish customers.
John Baize’s introduction to global soybean markets was an important part of the USSEC luncheon.
The historical statue of a chicken marks the ground floor hall of the Poultry Science building.
Dr. Dustan Clark gave the Polish poultry specialists a good tour of the Poultry Science premises, starting in the lobby, through laboratories and lecture hall, veterinary diagnostic lab to offices and conference room.
At the university experimental farm, the Polish team learned a lot about the research done at the premises and discussed nutrition and environmental conditions the broilers were provided.
The farm’s office building offered access to the computerized controls of the buildings and various research groups.
Dr. Hargis explained to the Polish visitors the research into poultry GI system biom he coordinates at the institution.
Returning to college classrooms to meet with the various distinguished UArk researchers was quite an enjoyable and important experience for the Polish visitors.
The entrance to the Center of Excellence for Poultry Science, University of Arkansas, was the best place to gather the Polish Team and the hosts for a picture.