Polish, Czech And Hungarian Feed Compounders Host USSEC Livestock Nutrition And Feed Production Team

USSEC moved into the second phase of its “Poultry and Swine Feed Meetings – Northeast Europe” project this fall.
Dr. Gonzalo G. Mateos of the University Polytechnica Madrid in Spain, a livestock nutritionist and expert in U.S. Soy quality and its nutritional utilization, provided select USSEC customers in Poland, Czech Republic, and Hungary with cutting edge know-how on the utilization of soy and other protein-rich ingredients in broiler, layer, and pig diets and assisted them in the development of better feeding programs.
Dr. Mateos first attended meetings in Wrocław in southeast Poland. The time spent with Professor Dr. Daniel Korniewicz, Cargill / LNB, Swine Nutrition & Production Lead, focused mainly on discussing his company’s production procedures, feed formulation and nutritional challenges. Soy-derived products were another area covered, including the soy protein concentrates (SPCs), soy protein isolates (SPIs), and fermented soymeal products. The African swine fever situation in Poland and the other European countries and the lesson our customers could learn from the Spanish successes in fighting with the disease in 1980s was another important topic.
In the Opole region of southern Poland, Dr. Mateos and Jerzy Kosieradzki, USSEC Technical Director – Northeast Europe, visited Blattin-Polska, where they spent most of their time with Dr. Mirosław Wantuła, Manager of the Swine Production Department. A tour of Blattin’s feed mill and a discussion about the various aspects of their milling technology and quality control system followed. They also covered a range of other swine production and health issues such as the nutritional requirements of highly prolific swine breeds, especially Danbred, feeding system adjustments without antibiotics, optimization of protein-rich ingredients usage, farm management and quality of the people taking care of piglets and sows.
In the Czech Republic, the U.S. Soy envoys spent most of the time with the local branch of DeHeus feed compounder. They toured the feed mill, inspecting every stage of their quality control system, and discussed their nutritional program and how to improve it in the situation of the changing market and national or EU regulations (no antibiotics, expected ban on zinc in feed, etc.). U.S. Soy products’ quality characteristics and competitive nutritional and economic value was thoroughly explained to the local specialists. The U.S. Soy representatives enjoyed the professionalism and hospitality of Michal Karas, a chief swine nutrition program at the company.
In Gardony, Hungary, Dr. Mateos and Mr. Kosieradzki joined UBM Feed’s staff, who coordinated a large seminar for 130 of their swine-producing customers. The U.S. Soy team attended a portion of the pig grower symposium and met with staff members for discussions.
At every company, USSEC met with graduates of various USSEC events held in the U.S. and Europe who spoke about their opinions, comments, or recommendations. USSEC briefed all customers visited about upcoming activities for the remainder of 2018 and 2019.

The main subject of this Northeastern European project is U.S. Soy – here: still growing up and adding valuable nutrients stored in the kernels hidden in the pods.
Dr. Mirosław Wantuła (left) was the U.S. envoys’ main partner during USSEC’s visit to the Blattin-Polska feed company; he offered a plant tour to Dr. Gonzalo G. Mateos (right) and Jerzy W. Kosieradzki (taking photo) at the company’s feed mill in Siedlec near Opole, Poland.
Every stage of the host’s quality assurance system was thoroughly checked and discussed by USSEC
Control room is the heart of every feed mill. The inspection of the customer’s feed production process was led by Mr. Karas (left) and Dr. Mateos (right).
USSEC’s time with DeHeus company begins at their ingredient reception area at the gate, where first quality inspection is checked; Mr. Michal Karas, Head of Swine Program (right) explains what they do at this point and Dr. Mateos (middle) provides his opinion how to improve it even more.
The checkpoint located next to the production line allows our customer to do a better job as far as pellet durability and other characteristics.
Warehouse for final products visited by USSEC; the products’ formulas and quality parameters were later discussed in the office.
The company’s conference room serves as a place for discussion of the various aspects of protein-rich ingredients’ purchasing criteria and their use in poultry and swine diets; here: Dr. Mateos meets with Messers Oldrich Blazek, Purchasing Manager (first from left) and Daniel Popelar, Swine Production Specialist (second from left)
The largest feed mill of DeHeus in Czech Republic is located in Bestovice in the Prague area, while the second in size is at Marefy near Brno, where USSEC worked with the company’s staff.
The seasonal symposium for Hungarian swine growers organized by UBM Feed Kft at Gardony gathered some 130 people and offered U.S. Soy envoys an opportunity to meet with the local industry.