Philippine Marine Fish Aquaculture Stakeholders Participate in Offshore Mariculture Conference Asia in Singapore

Philippine marine fish aquaculture stakeholders participated in the USSEC – sponsored Offshore Mariculture Conference Asia in Singapore from May 15 to 17.
The delegation was comprised of private sector and aquaculture companies Feedmix (feedmill, hatchery, grow-out cages, fish processor); Alsons Aquaculture Corp. (hatchery, grow-out cages, fish processor); Finfish Hatcheries Inc.; MetroPac Movers; government agencies (BFAR-IFAD, BFAR-NMC, province of Davao Occidental); PILMICO; Santeh Feeds Corp.; PAFPI; and USSEC Philippines. All agreed that offshore mariculture is the definitive future of increasing aquaculture production, driving food security, and global competitiveness for Philippines.
The speakers from around the world discussed the need for and requirements of establishing a successful offshore marine fish cage culture in Asia with the following topics:

  • Moving from inefficient nearshore production approaches to higher energy offshore/industrial approaches
  • Zoning, licensing, and security for offshore operations
  • The need for service providers in offshore mariculture
  • The correct linkages to regional and national governments
  • The development of large scale hatcheries for production of large quantities of high quality fingerlings, including breeding advances and technology
  • Identifying/targeting species and markets before production including requirements for standards and certifications - marketing
  • Having the correct and appropriate cages, netting, monitoring systems, and technology for offshore marine cage aquaculture
  • Adaptation of proven offshore mariculture technology for the Asian region
  • Securing financial support for offshore ventures and joint venture approaches – investment case studies
  • The need for high quality feeds and targeted nutrition to maximize the efficiency the offshore marine fish cage aquaculture.

OMC Asia was well attended by different marine fish cage stakeholders from different countries in Asia and globally.