Myanmar Feed Mills Benefit from USSEC’s Virtual Poultry and Swine Feed Formulation Workshops

Despite challenges posed by COVID-19, USSEC Southeast Asia continues to engage U.S. soy customers in the region virtually and conducted the Virtual Poultry and Swine Feed Formulation Workshop at four local feed mills in Yangon, Myanmar on June 26 and 29.
This is the first virtual in-house training that USSEC has conducted in Myanmar since the onset of the pandemic as both travel restrictions and internet connectivity issues had previously posed challenges. These challenges were subsequently overcome with some creativity and “out of the box” solutions from the USSEC Southeast Asia team.
The workshop program covered an array of topics presented by USSEC Southeast Asia while the live Q&A sessions reiterated the importance of incorporating quality ingredients in poultry and swine feed formulation while offering feed formulation adjustment suggestions for hot weather.

  • Timothy Loh, USSEC Regional Director for SE Asia and Oceania – U.S. Soy Advantage: Building a Long-Term Sustainable Partnership with Industry
  • Budi Tangendjaja, USSEC SEA Technical Consultant (Animal Nutrition) - Layer Formulation & Importance of Ingredients Quality
  • Dr Richard Han, USSEC SEA Technical Consultant (Animal Nutrition) – Swine Nutrition & Feed Formulation
  • Dr Basilisa Reas, USSEC SEA Technical Consultant (Animal Nutrition) – Broiler Nutrition & Feed Formulation

USSEC’s Myanmar In-country representative, Dr. May Myat Noe Lwin (Noe Noe) who facilitated the workshops, remarked that these feed mills are the regular U.S. soybean meal customers and U.S. Soy is the only origin where customers are offered technical support and assistance from USSEC.
The in-house workshops were conducted at four companies (Aung Thet Tun Feedmill, Crystal Diamond, MAS Feedmill and Popa Feedmill) and were well received. They have since requested further in-house training for ingredient storage and management and a different method of ingredient analysis and feed mill management to get international standard certification.

Aung Thet Tun Feed Mill
Crystal Daimond Feed Mill
Moe Arh San ( MAS ) Feed Mill
Popa Feed Mill