Mexican Oil Refinery Hears about Sustainability and Green Chemistry

Industrializadora de Oleofinos consumes crude U.S. soybean oil and other vegetable oils to develop edible oils and fats for sectors that include bakery and cookies, cheese and dairy products, fried foods, fried corn tortillas, corn chips and snacks, baby formula, flour tortillas, canned foods, cereals, confectionery and chocolates, chemical industry, ice cream, and restaurants.
In June 2017, USSEC consultant Jorge Martinez visited the Industrializadora de Oleofinos plant in Guadalajara, Mexico to conduct an on-site seminar on Sustainability and Green Chemistry to provide the basics and starting steps of the green and sustainable production of soybean oil from crude U.S. soybean oil. The refinery’s production and quality control managers attended this educational meeting. Mr. Martinez gave a presentation titled “The 12 Principles of Green Chemistry.” He also explained the concept of sustainability, the sustainable characteristics of U.S. Soy, and the importance of developing a sustainable soybean oil. Additionally, he presented a portrait of green chemistry as a tool to achieve sustainability and explained how to make the production process of soybean oil using crude U.S. soybean oil sustainable.