Italian Feed Companies Attend Sustainability Seminar

USSEC organized a Sustainability Seminar in Milan, Italy with the collaboration of the Italian Feed Association (ASSALZOO) and the Animal Science and Production Association. 65 customers, representing major feed companies and Italy’s animal agriculture industry, attended the meeting.
The seminar included ASSALZOO’s presentation of the book “Allevamento Animale e Sostenibilita Ambientale [Animal Breeding and Environmental Sustainability], by Dr. Bruno Stefanon, professor at Udine (Italy) University; Marcello Mele, professor at the University of Pisa (Italy); and Guiseppe Pulina, professor at the University of Sassari (Italy) and technical coordinator for Assalzoo. This book is the part of the association’s sustainable plan for the Italian feed and meat industry.
The meeting’s agenda focused on sustainability, its concept, and the situation in Europe in relation to the feed and food industry. Speakers included Dr. Andrea Crovetto; USSEC consultant Dr. Gonzalo Mateos; Nicolas Martin of the European Feed Industry Federation (FEFAC); Mercedes Ruiz of AESTIVUM; and USSEC consultant Lola Herrera.
The sustainability of raw material used in the feed industry was the main part of the meeting. USSEC presented SSAP as the answer for consumers’ demand related to the use of sustainable soy. The presentations highlighted improvements in production practices by U.S. farmers over 50 years in producing soy in a sustainable way.