Iowa Farmer Participates in U.S.-China Grains and Oilseed Forum

United Soybean Board (USB) director April Hemmes, a soybean farmer from Hampton, Iowa, participated in the U.S. – China Grains and Oilseed Forum and visited key customers during her trip to China June 12 – 16.

April Hemmes delivers opening remarks

USSEC CEO Jim Sutter moderated the opening session of the U.S. – China Grains and Oilseed Forum on June 15. In her opening remarks, Ms. Hemmes commented on the mutually beneficial relationship that China and the U.S. have maintained, and elaborated on the U.S. Soy Advantage concerning digestible essential amino acids profile and sustainability. She expressed special appreciation to Bian Zhenhu, president of China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce, who visited her farm and helped her harvest corn in 2016.

Jim Sutter moderates opening session

The forum was part of USSEC’s effort to reach out to China’s policy influencers through a cooperative industry conference platform co-sponsored by U.S. and Chinese cooperators including China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce, U.S. Grains Council (USGC), and Dalian Commodity Exchange, among others.

April Hemmes talks with Bian Zhenhu, president of CFNA, who moderated the morning session of the forum

The forum attracted representatives from the Chinese government to deliver speeches or participate in the full-day event. Yao Jingyuan, advisor to the Chinese State Council, gave a 40-minute talk on the current conditions and the outlook of the Chinese economy. Liu Liangui, deputy director of China Animal Husbandry Council, delivered a 30-minute presentation on the Chinese feed industry’s 13th five-year plan. Xu Xiaoqing, analyst from the Chinese State Council’s Development and Research Center, shared his views on the positive implications of trade on environmental protection. Also present were Han Jizhi, deputy director general of Policy and Regulations Department of the State Administration of Grain, and Yin Chengwen, deputy secretary-general of China Animal Agriculture Association.

Co-sponsors and guests listen to speeches

Prior to the June 15 forum, Ms. Hemmes visited the U.S. Soy industry’s key customers including Wellhope Agri-Tech and Beijing DYQ on the outskirts of Beijing; Jiusan Group in the Free-Trade Zone of Tianjin city; and Guangxi Yangxiang in Hebei province. She was escorted by USSEC Country Director - China Zhang Xiaoping, USSEC Marketing Program Manager Zeng Yantian, and USSEC Public Affairs Manager Zhao Liang. Ms. Hemmes answered customers’ questions on current weather conditions in the soybean growing states, talked about U.S. Soy’s advantage in digestible essential amino acids, and welcomed them to visit her farm in Iowa.

April Hemmes escorted by USSEC colleagues and Jiusan Group officials at the Tianjin Port
April Hemmes visits Beijing DYQ’s packaging workshop
April Hemmes delivers U.S. soybean market updates to Guangxi Yangxiang Group