Introducing the Value of “Soy Fed” Animal Products in Nepal

By Laura Temple

In many parts of the world, animal producers recognize the value of soybean meal as a nutrient source for animal feed. The new “Soy Fed” label for animal feed in South Asia gives animal producers the opportunity to tell their customers about that value.

The label was introduced in Nepal by the U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) in partnership with Right to Protein at an industry event this summer.

Soybean meal impacts the growth and development of livestock, poultry and fish with its complete amino acid profile and high digestibility of those nutrients. It plays a role in ensuring animal products provide quality protein for human consumption.

“Our ‘Soy Fed’ label is the first feed label available to Nepalese poultry and aquaculture producers as part of our effort to further the country’s health agenda to meet protein sufficiency goals,” says Kevin Roepke, USSEC regional director for South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. “It will help educate the industry and consumers about the role of soy in quality protein consumption for animals, and in turn, people.”

Consumer mindsets are shifting in Nepal, similar to many other areas of the globe. Ingredient transparency and food labels play an increasing role in helping consumers make informed food choices.

To convey the concept and value of “Soy Fed” to Nepalese consumers, USSEC invited three bloggers with different areas of expertise to participate in the label launch. Each shared their perspective live and highlighted the label introduction on their blogs.

Three Nepalese influencers participated in the introduction of the Soy-fed label for animal products in Nepal.
  • Dr. Garima Shrestha is the founder of She Nepal, a volunteer organization for women’s health and empowerment.
  • Fitness enthusiast Sukadev Karki is an inspirational athlete who continues motorcycling and bodybuilding following a serious accident.
  • Sushant Pradhan is a lifestyle-fitness coach who runs a fitness chain and a YouTube channel.

Roepke notes that their involvement and blogs extended awareness of the label among interested consumers.

He adds that event media coverage from The Himalayan Times, Rajdhani Daily, Business 360 and others further established U.S. Soy as a valid source of information about protein quality and sustainability.

According to Roepke, USSEC is working with retail brands in Nepal to encourage adoption of this label to help consumers identify well-fed animal protein products. The label can be used as a differentiator and support consumer education. A similar label was introduced in India in September 2021, and the concept could be introduced in other regions of the world focusing on protein sufficiency in diets.

This story is partially funded by U.S. Soy farmers, their checkoff and the soy value chain.