International Industrial Academy Marks 50th Anniversary in Moscow

On April 16, the Moscow International Industrial Academy (IIA), the Russian leading institution of postgraduate education in the area of agricultural and food processing, including feed and milling industries, marked its 50-year anniversary. Looking back over its long history, the development and achievements of the International Industrial Academy have played a key role in the enhancement and progresses of the Russian agriculture, food processing, feed and livestock industries. Their efforts focus on the continued formation of feed and food technologists through educational programs, to serve the agriculture, food processing and livestock industries.

USSEC / American Soybean Association (ASA) consultants have been invited to visit and give technical presentations at different conferences organized by IIA since the early 2000s. For the past eight years, USSEC has been a regular partner of the International Mixed Feeds conferences organized by IIA on an annual basis. Clearly, this brought exposure and professional recognition from scientists and specialists of the Russian feed and livestock industries.

In April 2019, USSEC consultants Dr. Maria Domoroshchenkova and Dr. Iani Chihaia were invited by IIA to join the Jubilee taking place in Moscow. The event offered the opportunity to greet the Academy at the milestone in the history of the institution.

The Jubilee meeting was attended by more than 300 guests from different regions of Russia and CIS countries representing top managers and leading specialists from professional unions and associations of different branches of agro-industrial complex, directors of industrial enterprises and R&D institutes, rectors and professors from universities, and managers and representatives of foreign companies cooperating with IIA.

Dr. Maria Domoroshchenkova and Dr. Iani Chihaia made a congratulatory speech and thanked IIA for the long-term mutual relationship in disseminating technical information on U.S. Soy
Dr. Chihaia presents the letter of congratulations to Academician Vyacheslav Butkovsky, the President of the International Industrial Academy, Moscow
The Academy marked their anniversary by printing a commemorative book, where USSEC’s participation at past years’ conferences was included in the pages of the publication
The ceremony was facilitated by the famous Russian television anchor, Anna Shatilova (right), and the Jubilee ended with a musical show, performed by several bands

“We had the honor to be part of the Academy’s event and I liked very much to see the intercultural interactions between participants from different CIS countries and international grains milling and feed industries and how they expressed their mutual respect to one of the most respected institutions from Russian Federation,” said Dr. Chihaia.
“In recent years, the Russian feed industry proved to be the engine for the fast-growing livestock and poultry sectors of the largest country in the world. During the past decade, Russia has had one of the fastest growing compound feed industries in the world. The sustained efforts of the Russian feed industry turned into a remarkable success, and today Russia is among the top ten feed-producing countries in the world. As such, the International Industrial Academy played an important role in formation of feed industry specialists and assured for it a place of leadership in the Russian Federation and international community of scientific and professional organizations. The events organized during the past years at the Academy proved to be excellent opportunities to disseminate information and promote U.S. Soy and interact with the Russian feed and livestock industries,” he elaborated.