Dominican Pork Customers Get Technical Support for Swine Diseases

In August 2017, USSEC provided technical support for pork producers in the Dominican Republic.
USSEC consultants Pedro Pablo Lora and Victor Quintero met one-on-one with seven swine producers, Margieagroindustrial, Approamoli, Aporci, Nugeporc, Coopenor, IPD, And Agropecuaria Roberto, who participate in a program help control porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSv).
The consultants aimed to provide the technicians and pork producers with the tools to make better management decisions. These companies use the vaccination program to help control different swine diseases according to diagnostics, the biosecurity program to help improve their production, the strategies to obtain healthy pork production. They use the vaccine for PRRSv and porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) with good results, means reducing the mortality to 10 percent from 40 percent and abortions to 5 percent from 20 percent, means more pig produces and an increase in their production.
These customers will increase their usage of U.S. soybean meal through the expansion of the Dominican pork market. This is an excellent opportunity to increase the usage of U.S. soybean meal, as 20 percent of the Dominican’s soybean meal imports, 455 metric tons (MT), are used in the swine sector.