Americas Importers Continue to Connect, Strengthen Networks with U.S. Soy Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

May 2020 was probably the most difficult month in recent Latin American history. As it became the new epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic and faced raging unemployment, the region looked for strong partners to boost growth when the “new normal” comes. Soybean importers and end users play an important role in this process to maintain food security and development in the region, and USSEC is working with them to maintain U.S. Soy’s contribution to prosperity in the Americas. Online, virtual, and participative is the new trademark of Americas programs.

Session II of the Americas U.S. Soy University took place during this month. This event is the region’s flagship educational activity, providing three opportunities to share information about sustainability, animal protein production, and export logistics and risk management. Session II conducted the conversation around best practices in animal protein production, as well as how to implement state of the art feed formulation to seize the U.S. Soy Advantage. 30 participants from the region shared their experiences and expectations, concluding that with proper management and control, U.S. Soy holds the best value for them.
USSEC’s efforts in the promotion of animal protein demand also included the Meat Kickstart, an event to increase awareness of the value added through increasing meat quality and educating integrators on technical practices and embracing the changing consumer habits of discerning buyers. The U.S. Soy Advantage was consistently communicated, including information on its sustainability, how firms can benefit, and how it supports businesses’ profitability.

The Americas region has flipped the switch from onsite to online. Customers in the Dominican Republic wanted the Capitalizing on the Advantages of U.S. Soy event to continue. Previously scheduled technical assistance, as well as new activities were planned by USSEC’s boots on the ground together with customers to perform several virtual technical activities. These activities included the presentation of U.S. Soy’s nutritional advantage, the effects of consistent processing on soybean meal’s nutritional value, and the introduction of the Nutrient Value Calculator platform to nutritionists and buyers from different companies. This platform will promote smart conversations around the economic advantages of incorporating U.S. Soy into diets.
Since the COVID-19 global crisis started in March, USSEC Americas has seen the efforts of different heroes risking their health and their families to service the population worldwide and there are many of them in our supply chain of food production. We congratulate these thousands of heroes who are still working hard to guarantee food safety.