soybean field Features U.S. Farms and Farmers

farms boasts a large selection of feature articles, where site visitors can obtain an in-depth look at U.S. farms and farmers.  The longer, magazine style articles allow readers to become more deeply invested in the U.S. farmer by hearing stories about their heritage, passions, families and commitment to their land.  Feature stories can be easily shared using the Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest badges found to the left of the article.

Located at, website guests can view a gallery of photographs from U.S. soybean farms sprinkled with key facts related to the sustainability of U.S. soy.  By hovering over each picture, visitors can access additional information by linking out to the feature story or Ground Work entry related to the posting.  Guests may also choose to view the picture at a larger size or to "like" the posting.  The website maintains a tally of the most popular pictures so please vote for your favorites today!