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USSEC’s First International Marketing Dialogue Meeting is Happening in Just Two Weeks!

There’s still time to register for the inaugural International Marketing Dialogue Meeting in St. Louis December 5-6!
The event, free to USSEC members, will feature overviews from each of the USSEC regional directors; a look into planning for the United Soybean Board (USB), the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), and USSEC; discussion on what the results of the recent election might mean for international trade; and in-depth economic outlooks for the U.S. Soy industry. The meeting will also feature breakout sessions outlining USSEC’s marketing sectors: Market Access, Oil/Human Utilization, and Animal and Aqua Utilization. These breakout sessions will provide a look into what USSEC is doing and allow for discussion and input between USSEC members and industry. The insight and guidance from these sessions, and the meeting as a whole, will be used to help plan USSEC’s future programs and focus.
Member participation in this event is very important to USSEC. The focus of this event is to provide value-added information to USSEC members while giving members the opportunity to discuss and collaborate with other members and industry. The goal of these discussions is to allow USSEC to better serve the U.S. Soy industry.
Registration will be closing soon! To guarantee that enough rooms will still be available at the Marriott St. Louis Grand, please reserve your room(s) upon registration.
Questions? Please contact USSEC Stakeholders Relations Manager Will McNair or USSEC Stakeholder Relations Coordinator Eric Gibson.