soybean field

USSEC Provides Technical Service to Livestock and Poultry Companies in Mexico

USSEC provided technical service in nutrition and management to livestock and poultry companies in the regions of Chihuahua and Queretaro, Mexico.  Consultants Carlos Campabadal, Gerardo Luna and Carlos Espinosa visited a dairy operation; feedlot; broiler operation; two feed mills; a rolled mill; grain storage facility; and railroad escape and loading/unloading facilities for carousel trains.  At the dairy operation, the consultants gave different dairy nutrition and management recommendations.  At the feed mills, they provided many recommendations related to feed production, pellet quality, development of new products, feed quality control analysis and other issues.  Mr. Espinosa gave many management and feeding recommendations to the owner of the feedlot.
The meeting with the broiler operation consisted of a roundtable with ten staff members from the areas of nutrition, feed quality and feed processing; Mr. Campabadal answered many questions at this roundtable.  Most of the questions were related to the use of full fat soybean meal (FFSBM) in broiler diets; the nutritional difference of FFSBM sources; levels of FFSBM in broiler and breeder diets; quality analysis for FFSBM; different analyses used to evaluate the quality of the fats and oils, especially the use of the OSI methodology; nutrient requirements; use of digestible amino acids and the different ideal protein systems that they can use in broiler diets; mycotoxins problems; salmonella in feed ingredients and many other nutrition questions.