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USSEC Provided Technical Service to Dairy Cattle Producers in Honduras

USSEC recently provided technical service to dairy cattle producers in Honduras.  Consultant Carlos Campabadal provided advice in nutrition and management to Honduran dairy cattle producers, as well as presenting conferences in San Pedro de Sula and Tegucigalpa to dairy company representatives.  During his trip, the consultant visited a feed mill and discussed topics related to feed manufacture, preparation of high quality dairy feeds and quality control techniques with the staff.  He also reviewed their dairy formulas.  At the two conferences, Mr. Campabadal lectured about modern feeding systems, the nutrition of dairy cows and how to base milk costs on quality.  The San Pedro de Sula seminar was attended by 65 dairy producers and over 100 dairy producers attended the Tegucigalpa seminar.  He answered many questions at both workshops related to feed quality; level of nutrients in the dairy feeds; problems with the use of poultry litter; dried distiller grains with solubles (DDGS) and urea in the diets; forage production systems; lactating cows’ feeding programs; feeding transition cows; and dairy replacement feeding programs, as well as other dairy management and nutrition topics.