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USSEC Provides Technical Service to Aquafeed and Fish Producers in Colombia

USSEC recently visited Colombian aquaculture farms to provide technical service.
Consultants Jairo Amezquita and John Hargreaves met with owners and technicians at two farms in the Medellin area to get information related to their fish culture such as water flow and water quality, which helped them to calculate the real carrying capacity of the farm in accordance with available water flow and oxygen level.  They also visited the farms’ ponds and collected information about tilapia production, carrying capacity, biomass and the current situation of the ponds.  This information helped them to understand low performance in recent years and allowed USSEC to provide recommendations to improve production and profits.  These farms depend on water flow and oxygen level, which are both decreasing due to global climate change, so they are starting a project to use liquid oxygen at each farm to increase oxygen levels to improve water conditions for the fish and reach better performance.
The consultants also visited one of Colombia’s major balanced feed producers and met with the director of the aqua line to present USSEC´s FY15 aquaculture programs.  They agreed that USSEC would provide support to the feed producer through providing technical service to its customers and working with big trout customers in Colombia’s Pereira and Popayan regions.

USSEC provided technical service visits to fish producers in Colombia
USSEC provided technical service visits to fish producers in Colombia