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USSEC Sponsors International Egg Fair in Jalisco, Mexico

USSEC sponsored the International Egg Fair in Tepatitlan, Jalisco, Mexico. The Jalisco region produces nearly fifty percent of Mexico's eggs and the poultry industry is the largest soybean meal consumer in this market. The International Egg Fair is an academic, business and cultural activity that pulls together diverse society sectors to spread knowledge, promote technological development, encourage enterprise competitiveness, and boost art and culture ... all about the egg.
This fair was an excellent opportunity for the Mexican egg industry to communicate that egg continues to be a safe food, after the avian influenza crisis, and for USSEC to build upon their strong relationship with the industry. The Universidad de Guadalajara in coordination with the National Poultry Producers Association and the Poultry Producers Association of Tepatitlan organized the fair. The National Poultry Institute and the Western Poultry Specialists Veterinarians Association also participated.