soybean field

USSEC Promotes U.S. Soybean Oil and U.S. Soy Fats in the Dominican Republic

USSEC recently visited Dominican importers of soybean oil and soybean oil based fats manufactured in the U.S. to present a promotion plan for these products.  Consultant Pedro Gonzalez visited two companies that import U.S. specialty fats and oils for bakery uses and discussed organizing a course for users and potential customers to increase the consumption of U.S. fats and soy ingredients used by bakers in the Dominican Republic.  Mr. Gonzalez also visited a major soybean oil refinery in the Dominican and gave recommendations for their upcoming project to increase the plant production capacity of refined soybean oil.  The refinery had requested USSEC support for their new plant expansion that will be completed this year.

The exports of crude U.S. soybean oil to the Dominican Republic will focus in 2013 on the development and launching of new products.  It is important, therefore, for USSEC to continue with the assistance and promotional activities of U.S. soybean oil.