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USSEC Promotes U.S. SBM on Superior Amino Acid Content to Korean Broiler Integrator

USSEC continued promoting U.S. soybean meal on its superior amino acid content to local feed mills in Korea via individual meetings.  USSEC is encouraging local feed mills to analyze amino acid in all the soybean meal they use to convince them that amino acid content varies by origin.

This past week, USSEC staff met with a poultry nutritionist from Easybio Co., Ltd., one of the top four broiler integrators in Korea.  The objective of the meeting was to share amino acid data as analyzed by the Korea Feed Association (KFA) on every vessel load of imported U.S. soybean meal in 2013 and to discuss listing amino acid in quality specification for soybean meal purchasing.  According to KFA’s analysis on imported soybean meal samples, U.S. soybean meal contained 22.13-22.31% essential amino acids including 2.88-2.91% Lys and 0.62-0.66% Met.  Brazilian soybean meal contained 21.77-21.87% essential amino acid including 2.84-2.85% Lys and 0.59-0.60% Met.  The poultry nutritionist of Easybio understood the need to insert amino acid to the quality specification for soybean meal purchasing.  Total amino acid, essential amino acid, Lys and Met+ Cys were considered as possible items to be listed in the quality specifications.