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USSEC Produces Aquaculture Video Showcasing Regal Springs Farm in Honduras

USSEC recently produced a mini-documentary featuring Regal Springs Tilapia Farm in northwest Honduras.  This video, titled “A Sustainable Aquaculture Success Story,” is the second in a series that highlights sustainable aquaculture around the world.

At Regal Springs, fish are raised from hatch to harvest with sustainable soy-based feed, and then processed with every part of the fish utilized with no waste.  The Regal Springs/Aquafinca farm was the first aquaculture facility worldwide to receive sustainability certification from the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), upholding stringent standards for the health of the fish, environmental impact, social justice and community support.  The aquaculture feed must also be sustainable as described by the ASC; U.S. soy is the main ingredient of Regal Springs’ aquafeed.  According to Regal Springs’ general manager Orlando Delgado, USSEC has also provided support in the form of technical consulting, seminars and training courses for associates.  For Regal Springs, sustainability stands for more than just environmentally sound production methods, but also translates into social programs such as providing educational resources and building local schools, managing forest conservation, enhancing stock for local fishermen and providing fingerlings for community aquaculture projects.  Such resources are offered for both the company’s workers and for the communities in which they do business.
USSEC Senior International Aquaculture Program Advisor Michael Cremer states, “Regal Springs’ tilapia operations around the world are a good example of modern aquaculture as a sustainable business enterprise.  Aquaculture will continue to be a major source of healthy food for a growing population.  Regal Springs shows how to scale up responsibly and sustainably to produce a healthy, high quality food.”
Watch the video here: