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USSEC Participates in the XXIII Latin American Poultry Congress in El Salvador

USSEC recently participated in the XXIII Latin American Poultry Congress in El Salvador.  Consultants Carlos Campabadal and Gerardo Luna traveled to the International Fair and Convention Center in San Salvador to attend this event from November 12-15.  This congress was attended by over 2000 poultry producers and technicians from various Latin American countries.  The event included conferences providing poultry industry updates such as broiler breeder and growth; the control and eradication of avian influenza; and current requirements in food production, among other topics.  Mr. Luna presented a conference titled “Oilseeds and Grains:  Current Situation and Trends” and Dr. Campabadal acted as moderator in a scientific session.

Both consultants had the opportunity to meet with more than 30 poultry producers and technicians to discuss an assortment of topics in their respective areas.  Dr. Campabadal explained issues related to nutrient requirements; ingredient quality; use of full fat soybean meal; fat and oil quality; formulation diets using digestible amino acids; eggshell problems; rapid transit; nutrient metabolism; feed manufacture; and the use of additives.  Great emphasis was given to the differences in nutritional value between U.S. and South America soybean meals.