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USSEC Participates in Salvadorian Swine Congress, Provides Technical Service to Salvadorian Swine Producers

USSEC recently participated in the Salvadorian Swine Congress and provided technical service to swine producers in El Salvador.
USSEC consultant Carlos Campabadal traveled to El Salvador to present a lecture titled, “Formulation of Swine Diets Using Digestible Amino Acids and the Ideal Protein Concept” at the Salvadorian Swine Congress.  The Congress was attended by more than 150 swine producers and technicians.  During this event, Mr. Campabadal met with several swine producers to discuss various swine and nutrition topics. Main topics discussed were: U.S. soybean meal quality and its digestible amino acid content; swine nutrient requirements; how to improve carcass leanness; evaluation of swine diets; issues with dried distiller’s grain with solubles (DDGS); and fat and oil quality; along with other important topics.  One of the greatest concerns of most swine producers is the Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED) problem and several conferences dealt with this topic, with the main recommendation being the use of a good bio-security program.