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USSEC Participates in Feed Manufacture Association Congress, Provides Technical Assistance to Poultry Producers in Costa Rica

USSEC recently participated in the Feed Manufacturer Association Congress and provided technical assistance to poultry producers in Costa Rica.  USSEC consultant Carlos Campabadal and Dr. Richard Miles visited three poultry producers in separate Costa Rican locations to facilitate one-on-one seminars and question / answer sessions with poultry company representatives.  Dr. Miles gave a lecture titled "How to Prevent Poor Quality Chicks and Starve-Outs” during these visits.  The objectives of these seminars were to promote the use of U.S. soybeans and soy products and to give recommendations to solve some problems related with chicks.

Mr. Campabadal and Dr. Miles also participated in the Feed Manufacture Association Congress where Dr. Miles presented two conferences:  “The Importance of High Quality Pre-Starter Diets for Today’s Modern Broiler” and “Feeding the Modern Egg-Type Pullet to Sexual Maturity.”  Mr. Campabadal translated these lectures.
USSEC will continue consultancies such as this one with the ultimate goal of helping Costa Rican poultry and feed companies to become more profitable, thus boosting a continued demand for high quality U. S. soybean meal.