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USSEC Participates in Dairy Nutrition Seminar in Honduras

USSEC recently participated in a dairy nutrition seminar in Honduras.  USSEC consultant Carlos Campabadal traveled to Zamorano University to attend the seminar for senior students and to present his lecture, “The Efficient Use of Dairy Feeds in a Dairy Production System.”  This conference was presented to students who will graduate in December 2013 in the area of Animal Production.  The goal of this type of seminar is to provide graduating students with practical information about daily work in a commercial dairy operation and to present them with the advantages of using U.S. soybean meal in balanced feeds.

Mr. Campabadal also visited a company near Comayagua.  This corporation is formed by a group of dairy producers, who milk over 600 cows and raise more than 1200 calves and heifers.  He presented two conferences, “Feeding the Transition Cow” and “Energy Utilization in a Dairy Feeding System” to this company.  After the meetings, he visited the dairy facilities to review their feeding systems and to provide recommendations in several areas.