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USSEC Participates in 15th Soy Nutrition Institute Japan (SNIJ) Board Meeting,7th Soy Symposium

USSEC Japan recently participated in the 15th SNIJ board meeting held at Keio University Hospital in Tokyo, Japan.  SNIJ is in its seventh year and is closely modeled after the Soy Nutrition Institute in the United States.  Other meeting participants included Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Fuji Oil, Fujicco, Tokyo University of Agriculture, National Hospital Organization Kyoto Medical Center and Life Science Foundation, among others.

2013 annual activities were discussed at the board meeting, including the upcoming 8th Asia Pacific Conference on Clinical Nutrition (APCCN) which will be held in Tokyo this June.  Otsuka Pharmaceutical and Fuji Oil were announced to be among top event sponsors for APCCN.  SNIJ’s approach to the Consumer Affairs Agency on soy health claims as well the SNIJ’s publication of the English language PR comic magazine “Thanks to Soy” was also presented during the board meeting.
The 7th Annual Soy Symposium followed the board meeting.  Dr. Shaw Watanabe, Director of SNIJ and President of Life Science Foundation opened the symposium with these comments:  “Japan has faced the challenges of an aging population, and China and Indonesia now face this same issue.  The importance of soy food will be emphasized as we discuss how soy as a source of good health prevents age-associated diseases.”  Three presentations addressed the importance of soy functionality and the health benefits of soy:  “Soy Saponin” by the University of Ishikawa, “Soy Lecithin” by Tsuji Oil, and “Equol” (a type of isoflavone) by National Hospital Organization Kyoto Medical Center.

The 15th SNIJ Board Meeting and 7th Soy Symposium were held at Keio University Hospital