soybean field

USSEC To Participate In SusPolyurethanes Conference, Amsterdam

USSEC will be participating in the upcoming SusPolyurethanes Conference, taking place in May in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.   The conference is focused on improving the sustainability of the polyurethanes industry and was created by Urethanes Technology International magazine.  While primarily focused on polyol manufacture, including biochemical technologies and natural-oil-based products, the conference program will also aim to look at the possibilities of more sustainable manufacture of diisocyanates as well as more efficient processes for making polyurethanes.
The soybean, often referred to as the miracle crop, provides a sustainable source of protein and oil worldwide.  USSEC will talk to conference attendees about how soy’s properties allow its use in a variety of applications from animal feed and human consumption, to road fuel and other industrial uses.  Because soy grows throughout the world, it represents a viable and renewable replacement for petrochemicals.  In fact, soybean oil is applied in industrial applications such as adhesives, coatings and printing inks, lubricants, plastics and specialty products, but also biodiesel, a fuel using soybean oil as a feedstock.
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