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USSEC Organizes Swine Nutrition and Management Workshop in Poland

USSEC organized a swine nutrition and management workshop in Poland this June, gathering key Polish commercial nutritionists looking for solutions to reverse the declining trend in the sub-regional pork industry.  These livestock nutritionists represented major feed compounders in Poland as they looked for solutions to help reverse the sharp decline in the swine growing and processing industry in Northeast Europe by partnering U.S. soy products with cutting edge know-how.

Dr. Alberto Morillo Alujas, a Spanish swine expert, who spent four years spent in Poland as a Production Director for Agri Plus, a swine raising arm of U.S. based pork producer Smithfield, lectured on various strategic and technical solutions.  Dr. Enric Marco Granell, a Spanish nutritionist and veterinarian, shared information on the optimization of various processes and areas of a swine operation and in broader industrial context.
Participants in the training event appreciated the opportunity to learn from top international scientists and practitioners as well as the unbiased assistance provided by the U.S. soybean industry.  The stage was set for sharing many possible routes to professional success, which includes scientific information on the cost efficient utilization of U.S. Hi-Pro meal and other soy derived products, along with the professionalization of pig feeding programs in this part of Europe.  According to Dr. Andrzej Gebler of feed company Agrolen (& Golpasz), “When applied in our feed manufacturing operations and shared by our grower service, this knowledge will contribute to a steady restoration of Poland’s swine population and expanded market for U.S. soy.”

Dr. Enric Marco Granell (right) explains the complexities of the global swine industry
Dr. Enric Marco Granell (right) explains the complexities of the global swine industry