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USSEC Japan Participates in National Natto Competition Award Ceremony, Winner of Red River Valley U.S. Award Presented with Certificate and Plaque

USSEC Japan recently participated in the 18th National Natto Competition Award Ceremony held at Seiyoken in Ueno, Tokyo.  The ceremony was held in conjunction with the annual board meeting of the Japan Natto Cooperative Society Federation in order to present this year’s winner of the Red River Valley U.S. Award with a certificate and plaque.

USSEC Japan, in collaboration with the Northern Food Grade Soybean Association (NFGSA), established the Red River Valley U.S. Award in the U.S. Soybean Prize Category of the National Natto Competition in 2011.  The award was established to build the total brand value of U.S. soybeans in the Japanese natto industry and helps to ensure the safe and reliable production of crops from the Red River Valley region, which are grown and exported globally under a strict IP system.
David C. Miller, Minister-Counselor for Agricultural Affairs from the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo, presented the third Red River Valley U.S. Award certificate and plaque to winner Sato Shokuhin Kogyo on behalf of the NFGSA, who were unable to travel to Japan.  Mr. Miller also made a congratulatory speech which highlighted U.S. commitment to consistently supply U.S. Soybeans to the natto industry.
Red River Valley U.S. Award winner Sato Shokuhin Kogyo is located in Kagoshima Prefecture.  Company president Sato commented after the ceremony, “I am very honored to receive this beautiful plaque from the U.S. soybean industry.  Since 2008, I have only used U.S. and domestic soybeans and will continue to use U.S. soybeans.”  Sato Shokuhin Kogyo also released information about the two awards that the company received at the 18th National Natto Competition on their website.
USSEC will continue its commitment to the Japanese natto industry.  Currently, U.S. soy growers supply 80% of Japan’s natto.  The U.S. partnership with the natto industry strengthens U.S. sales and preserves brand loyalty to U.S. soy.