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USSEC Hosts Sustainable Trade Conference in Barcelona

Representatives from USSEC, the United Soybean Board and the American Soybean Association joined executives from international soy trading companies in Barcelona last week to discuss sustainable soy trade. This is the second year for the event.
Robert Hanson, FAS Agriculture Counselor, Iberian Peninsula, opened the conference with an outline of the current state of affairs in the Spanish market, commenting on the good work done and to be continued by USSEC. Jim Sutter, USSEC CEO, and Mark Anderson, regional director, then welcomed the more than 60 invited customers on behalf of the U.S. Soy Family.
Next, Vanessa Kummer, USB chair and farmer from North Dakota, spoke on the topic of U.S. sustainability and farmer responsibility towards the land and the market they serve. Sharon Covert, USSEC vice-chairman and farmer from Illinois, then spoke about sustainable farming on her farm as well as others, highlighting her practices and successes as well as challenges faced and overcome. Danny Murphy, ASA director and farmer from Mississippi, presented on the current crop condition as well as what to expect for 2013.
Tom Hammer, National Oilseed Processors Association president, spoke about top export markets for U.S. soy as well as priority issues and solutions to EU trade challenges. Hammer was followed by presentations by industry experts: Thomas Mielke, CEO, Oil World;  John Baize, President, John Baize and Associates; Alexander Doring, Executive Director, FEFAC (European Feed Manufacturers Federation); Blair Fortner, Director of Economics, Monsanto Company; Dr. Jannes Doppenberg, Schothorst Feed Research; Dr. Jan van Eys, President G.A.N.S, France; Ken Eriksen - Senior Vice President, Transportation, Industrials and Energy Services, Informa Economics, Inc., USA; and Patrick Vanden Avenne - President, FEFAC.
Jim Sutter closed the conference with a review of the topics and speakers. To request copies of the presented material, please contact Lisa Pine at