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USSEC Hosts Soy in Aquaculture Stakeholders Meeting in Hawaii

During a recent Soy in Aquaculture Stakeholders meeting in Kona, Hawaii researchers and international aquaculture consultants presented results to date and discussed strategies for future Aquaculture Research and Marketing efforts with USB, USSEC and QSSB board members. Information presented included the status of the U.S and global industry, offshore aquaculture, industry promotion and education/standards certification. George Chamberlain, Ph.D., of the Global Aquaculture Alliance and John Schillinger, Ph.D., of Schillinger Genetics addressed the event. Dr. Chamberlain shared his perspective on the future of aquaculture highlighting the aquaculture market growth that needs to take place to meet the demand for seafood worldwide. Dr. Schillinger updated stakeholders on the development progress of new alternative products for aquafeeds such as high protein density, low oligosaccharide and low trypsin inhibitor soybean varieties. Participants also had the opportunity to visit Kona Blue Water Farms and learn more about USB-sponsored aquaculture feed formulation research on yellowtail and amberjack fish species.