soybean field

USSEC Hosts Moroccan Delegation on U.S. Tour

A group of fourteen poultry industry leaders from Morocco spent several days in the U.S. discussing topics related to agriculture as guests of USSEC, accompanied by contractor Benabdeljelil Khalid. Feed mills (Alf Tansift, Sopromal, Societe Nouvelle Eddik); the largest crusher/ refiner (Lesieur Cristal); importers (Casa Grains); and egg producers were among the team representing about 35 % of the total egg production in Morocco.

During their tour, the group interacted with key decision makers in the global oilseed and grains supply chain and learned about the advantages of U.S. soy products. The Moroccans discussed major industry trends and issues related to U.S. soybean production and exports. Face-to-face meetings enabled new partnerships to help drive business goals and alleviate supply fears. During their trip to poultry producer Hy-Line International, they learned about layer nutrition, housing processes, genetic selection and environmental standards.
Morocco, the largest U.S. soy market in North Africa, benefits from a free trade agreement with the U.S. The FTO allows producers to source all their high protein soybean meal needs from the United States. With the growth and development of its animal production sector, Morocco’s market continues to offer new opportunities for imports of U.S. soy products.

Jim Sutter, USSEC CEO (far right), with Moroccan delegation