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USSEC Hosts European Delegation at International Poultry Expo

At this year’s International Poultry Exhibition held in Atlanta, a group of European poultry producers and integrators was among the more than 4,000 international visitors at the event. The expo offered participants the opportunity to network with important industry contacts and have discussions about the advantages of using U.S. soy meal.USSEC Animal Utilization Contractor for North Eastern Europe, Jerzy Kosieradzki, accompanied customers from his sub-region, while also meeting with a larger Polish group invited to Atlanta by other companies and encouraging the group to attend the luncheon presentation.
Elżbieta Swaryczewska, CEO of Kozieglowy, a broiler integrator in Poland, told USSEC she was pleased with the expo, and USSEC’s support of her participation, because she had the opportunity to learn about the newest poultry processing technologies, advantages of U.S. soy meal and the feed market outlook. Other participants also noted their gratitude.
USSEC staff noted that travel with their key poultry contacts helps to solidify their relationships while offering valuable time to discuss the total quality experience of U.S. soy.

Elżbieta Swaryczewska and Jacek Lewicki, USSEC North Eastern European customers, attended the International Poultry Exhibition and learned about cutting edge poultry growing, processing and marketing. Photo taken by OSSID and Cryovac booths.