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USSEC Hosts Chinese Pork Delegation

USSEC hosted a group of Chinese pork and feed industry officials on a ten-day mission to the U.S. in early June. The 24-member delegation visited the World Pork Expo, the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, South Dakota State University and soybean farmers in Nebraska and South Dakota.
USSEC Animal Utilization (AU) Technical Director Dr. Richard Han led the group.   Dr. Han said that China is switching the country’s swine industry from backyard production to a vertically integrated system, which will increase the demand for U.S. soybeans and products. USSEC’s goal, Dr. Han told local reporters, is to provide technical assistance to key leaders so they turn to the U.S. to supply their feed needs.
“We are hosting customers from large swine production companies and feed companies as they come to learn more advanced swine production technology or models from the U.S,” he said. “China has the largest swine production in the world,” he continued. “About half of the hogs produced in the world come from China,” leaving a lot of room to grow U.S. soybean export demand in China.
“[This visit] helps their industry to grow and make them more sustainable while boosting the demand of U.S. Soy,” Dr. Han summarized.
USSEC also talked to the group about some of their concerns with biotech soybean production in the U.S.