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USSEC Hosts Aquaculture Seminar in Korea

USSEC hosted an aquaculture seminar in Pusan, Korea on September 26.  This program focused on improving the feeding practices of target flounder growers who switched to protein meal-based extruded feed from fish-based moist feed.  Some of these target flounder growers have seen an increased rate of fish mortality, which is due to farmers feeding more of the protein meal-based extruded feed than required.  Participants included twenty-seven staff members in charge of research and development, purchasing, marketing or quality control from nine local feed companies producing extruded feed for fish; four feed ingredient suppliers active in the aqua sector; local fisheries cooperatives; and the national government-run fisheries institute.

Five major topics were discussed at this seminar including:  the evaluation of soybean meal and soy protein concentrate as an ingredient for aqua feed, presented by In Soo Shin, USSEC Aquaculture Utilization Technical Director  - Korea; the prospect of supply and demand of soybean meal and fish meal, presented by Chi Young Kim of the Korea Feed Association (KFA); quality survey of soybean and fish meals, presented by Hong Sik Moon from KFA; examples of feeding practices being adopted by flounder growers, presented by Sat Byol Heo of Chungyang Fisheries; and suggestions to improve feeding practices of extruded feed in flounder, presented by Sung Chul Bae of Pukyong National University.
USSEC suggested a guideline on the daily feeding rates of extruded feed according to fish sizes of 5-10 grams, 20-50 grams, 100-300 grams and over 400-500 grams and the optimum inclusion rates of soybean meal and soy protein concentrate in such diets substituting up to 30% and 50% of fish meal respectively, in reference to feeding studies done by the United Soybean Board (USB).

Say Young Jo, USSEC Country Director, welcomes seminar participants.
Say Young Jo, USSEC Country Director, welcomes seminar participants.