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USSEC Holds Annual Aquaculture Evaluation Conference in China


USSEC, together with China National Extension Center for Fisheries Technology (NEC), held its annual evaluation conference from May 11-15 in Chun’an, Zhejiang Province, China. USSEC Country Director – China Xiaoping Zhang, USSEC Senior Aquaculture Advisor Dr. Michael Cremer and Wei Baozhen, Director-General of NEC, together with more than 40 of USSEC’s cooperative aquafeed demonstration field managers, representatives from major aqua feedmills and other industry companies, attended the conference.
Mr. Wei gave a speech at the conference about aquaculture technology development and the present status of USSEC’s aquaculture technology adoption in China and emphasized that China’s government will continue to strengthen its cooperation with USSEC, particularly in the following areas: the development of environment friendly aquaculture technology; energy saving technology; food safety; aquaculture management training; promotion for the use of renewable protein resource; and training and learning through In (invited consultants from abroad)-And-Out (sending team members abroad).
Managers from USSEC’s feeding demonstration sites talked about the results and summary of each of the demonstrations. Dr. Cremer and each of USSEC’s China aquaculture staff gave presentations on global aquaculture status, USSEC’s aquaculture program activities in China and the summary of all the feeding demonstrations from USSEC’s perspective.