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USSEC Develops Approach to Dispel Biotech Myths in China

In response to the bogging down of the biotech approval process in China and erroneous reports in that country’s media, USSEC has developed numerous tactics to help combat some of the myths surrounding biotechnology.  Because China is U.S soy’s top export market purchasing just over 60 percent of U.S. soy, USSEC is concerned about the misinformation and has cultivated an approach to educate Chinese buyers and consumers about biotech.
USSEC is currently using a three-prong plan as the organization works on improving the biotech approval situation in China on behalf of the U.S. soy industry:

  • Engage the industry in China, i.e., crushers, feed and livestock industry representatives, to talk with their government about potential supply problems. USSEC recently circulated a letter to the Chinese industry designed to generate interest in meeting with USSEC groups over the next few months.  The letter alerted industry representatives to the risks perceived by USSEC of how a “do nothing” approach would be harmful to their business over a number of years.
  • Build confidence through programs such as the U.S. Farm Moms to China event. In September, four female volunteers from the Common Ground program visited China to talk with women there about biotechnology.  USSEC is beginning to plan for the second mission.
  • Engage the International Soybean Growers Alliance (ISGA) to work with like-minded countries. A face-to-face ISGA meeting will take place in late November to build relations and plan for the ISGA’s second mission to China in March.

Another tactic employed by USSEC includes a brochure, “Dispelling the Myths,” which is being produced in both English and Chinese.  This brochure will be disseminated to customers and will also be posted on the biotechnology area of the USSEC website along with a white paper of the same title.
Dispelling the Myths can be viewed here.